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Cologne’s Rathaus has been the administrative centre for more than 600 years. Parts of the building date back to 1360; in 1444 came the 61m tall Rathaus Tower into being. The Renaissance Bow - the section over the Rathaus entrance - was finished in 1571. From there over, the folk presented the Key to the City. The interior of the Rathaus is an espousal of the historic and the modern. Beautiful to view are the Löwenhof and the Hansasaal from 1330 dedicating the me- mory for Cologne as a Hanseatic city. The last piece of the Rathaus complex is the marriage licensing office at the so called Spanischer Bau (Spanish building). The tower bells, the carillon,  are ringing daily at midday and 5pm. The administration offers guided tours through the town hall.
The Carillon exists of 48 bells and is cast by Royal Eijsbouts in Asten (NL). There is no regular concert schedule and it is only played by request once or twice a year. At this moment, the keyboard is in very bad shape.

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